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.org domains

Initially reserved for non-profit organisations, the .org TLD was one of the first domains launched in 1985. While now available to all users, it remains predominantly associated with domains serving social, charitable and community-oriented purposes.

The benefits
of a .org domain

The .org TLD symbolises trust and reliability, setting it apart from more commercially oriented domains. Ideal for organisations, companies, societies, and individuals, a .org domain effectively communicates your commitment to core values and interests to your audience. It’s well-suited not only for nonprofits but also for communities and businesses embracing corporate social responsability. Moreover, registering a .org domain is an excellent choice for websites dedicated to fundraising or addressing humanitarian causes, amplifying your efforts in these vital areas.

How to register
a .org domain

Registering a .org domain is straightforward and open to anyone, with the following criteria:


  • Must be 1-63 characters in length
  • Can include letters (A-Z) and numbers (0-9)
  • Hyphens (“-“) are allowed but cannot be the first or last character of the domain name
  • Special characters (e.g., & and #) cannot be used

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